How to buy an Alpaca Sweater?

How to buy an Alpaca Sweater?

Peru is one of the most attractive countries to visit in the world, their culture, ancient cities and beautiful landscapes makes it an ideal place to vacation. If you ever travel to Peru, an alpaca sweater is a must-have. Since arriving at the airport, locals  will try to sell 100% cheap baby alpaca sweaters. But … How can I recognise a legitimate alpaca sweater? How can I buy it in Peru?

An alpaca sweater is made to last a lifetime providing comfort and coziness. The first thing you have to know when buying an alpaca sweater is that it is an expensive garment. Many people in the streets will try to sell cheaper options made with other fibers such as mixtures. 

The average price of an authentic alpaca garment is over $100 USD. Behind every sweater,  artisans study a lifetime of our millenary textiles to provide unique and exclusive designs worldwide using alpaca fibers. Alpaca garments made of color combinations are developed through the years inspired by the natural world. Alpaca sweaters in specialized stores are made with the finest and most delicate fibers with handwork to ensure its durability. 

We recommend to touch alpaca garments in specialized stores as we encourage our customers to wear an alpaca sweater to feel the warmth and softness. The alpaca fiber is softer than cashmere and lighter than wool. Grows in a wide range of natural colors from white to browns, grey and black. Also, the alpaca garment tag shows the fiber care instructions that it can be hand washed/ dry cleaned.

Pure Alpaca offers unique worldwide designs made of baby alpaca (100%) when traveling to Peru in Lima, Cusco and Arequipa.