Alpaca Fiber

Alpaca Fiber

The Finest Natural Fiber in the World

The Alpaca fiber, most known as “The Fiber of the Gods”, was mastered by the Andean textile artists creating unique masterpieces.Since ancient times Alpacas have lived in the mountains, savannas, and grasslands of the Andean highlands.

The Andean camelids, the True Gold of the Incas: alpacas, llamas, guanacos and vicuñas, are a living part of our history. The Inca civilization used the finest fibers to create the most delicate and warm textile garments exclusively for their royalty. Only selected textile artisans were able to use alpaca fibers due to their expertise and knowledge.The Alpaca is a camel-like animal that lives in the highlands of Peru along the Andes. Its fiber is softer than cashmere, lighter than wool, and keeps the perfect body temperature.

It has a range of natural colors going from white to browns, grays, and black. Two of the most used types of alpacas are Huacaya with dense, short, and curly fiber and Suri with silky, shiny, and very long fibers.

Why Alpaca

Our garments are inspired by the ancient textile traditions of the Andes. Wearing alpaca clothing promotes and preserves this culture and its descendants, the inhabitants of the Andes.

Each garment is a reflection of our values made with great passion creating timeless pieces of art.We use luxury alpaca fiber to promote and preserve the Andean textile tradition. Our textile artists use creativity, imagination, and skills to design unique Andean patterns into wearable art.

The production of alpaca garments has the finest and most delicate handmade work to ensure its durability. The Alpaca is an eco-friendly fiber used as an expression of wealth, status, and tradition since ancient times.