About Us

About Us

We are a Peruvian family-owned and operated textile company with a social commitment towards our Peruvian cultural heritage. We are glad to design unique and exclusive designs mainly based on Andean textiles using luxurious alpaca fibers into wearable art.

We have an immense passion and appreciation for the natural world and cultures. Since ancient times, the Andean knitters explore the natural world as a source of colors to express their traditions, wealth and status. Nowadays, our textile artisans immerse in the ancient textile traditions to support and preserve our cultural heritage by designing luxurious textile garments.

We own a production facility where we develop solid relationships with our artisans. Our design and development team is constantly learning new techniques and color combinations to remain in this millenary practice.

An alpaca garment poses our Peruvian cultural heritage craftsmanship since textile artisans study a lifetime to present our culture as knitting patterns with unique and exclusive color combinations worldwide.

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