Fiber Care

Fiber Care Instructions

Our Suggestions for Hand Washing

  • Wash in cool water with a mild shampoo
  • Don’t use laundry detergent with bleach
  • Lay the wet garment on top of a dry towel and press the water out (don’t wring or twist)
  • Reshape to the original dimensions while drying
  • Air-dry the garment on top of a dry towel and avoid direct sunlight
  • Touch up with a cooled iron if needed, use a towel to avoid direct contact

Our Suggestions for Stain Cleaning

  • Coffee: Wash in warm water with a soft detergent
  • Chocolate: Wash with delicate detergent, then add a solvent
  • Grease: Treat with alcohol
  • Lipstick: Treat with alcohol
  • Ink: Absorb with baby powder, soak the area with lemon juice and water, and then with alcohol

Our Suggestions for Dry Cleaning

  • Due to the regulations of international law, seek dry cleaning companies that are certified